Unifrog holds the world's biggest database of Post 16 and Post 18 opportunities. Every pathway is covered – from Traineeships and Intermediate, Advanced, Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, to every course taught at Further Education colleges, to every UK university course.   

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Unifrog is a one-stop-shop where students can easily explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for their next best step after school. Unifrog will help students to explore their key interests and what career paths they can take to reach their goals!   

The Castle Rock Sixth Form uses Unifrog not only as a search tool for careers, but also for students to log their ‘competencies’ and experiences throughout their time at the Sixth Form. This way, it is far easier for students to draw on these skills and experiences when writing CV’s, letters of applications for employment and personal statements for University.   

Students are expected to maintain their Unifrog account during their study periods and tutors will work with students to discover its full capability in tutor time sessions. 

We acknowledge that our students need to be knowledge rich to make informed decisions. Students will also have the opportunity to book meetings with our Level 6 and 7 career’s advisors throughout their time with us.