In the Sixth Form, you have greater independence. However, with this independence comes the responsibility to be a positive role model to younger students, and to work hard. We want students to achieve to the very best of their ability and therefore, we ask all students to adhere to the following expectations when studying at The Castle Rock Sixth Form:

  • Post 16 education in The Castle Rock Sixth Form is a full-time commitment and we expect you to attend all your timetabled lessons, including enrichment. National statistics demonstrate that there is a clear link between levels of attendance and achievement, which is why we give Sixth Form attendance and punctuality high priority. Students are tracked and monitored carefully and intervention is put into place to support students. 
  • Full attendance and punctuality are also expected at registration, assemblies and one-to-one target setting and mentoring sessions with tutors. This is where very important information on events and activities ranging from UCAS to voluntary work is disseminated.  They are not optional. 
  • If students are absent for any reason, we still expect parents to notify the school and explain via a telephone call, letter or email.  Students are expected to catch up on the work missed. Prolonged periods of absence with no notification could jeopardise a student remaining at the Sixth Form. 
  • Students are allocated study periods. These sessions are to help students manage their time effectively.  Students may study in allocated areas. They will also have private study sessions where they must attend timetabled rooms and complete work in silence with a member of staff. They will be registered at these sessions and attendance is monitored as per curriculum lessons. 
  • Homework is not optional in the Sixth Form. The expectation is that students undertake a minimum of 4 hours private study a week per level 3 subject. This is an essential requirement if students are to realise their potential. Students are also expected to engage with the Super Curriculum and wider reading. This will be tracked and monitored by the tutor through the platform Unifrog. 
  • All deadlines set by teachers are to be met.  If a student is unable to meet an expected deadline, this must be negotiated with the teacher in advance.  
  • Where students have paid jobs, we recommend that part-time work takes up no more than 10 hours per week. There are many obvious benefits to part-time work but it should not be a priority!  
  • All Sixth Form students sign a study contract agreement whereby they accept the conditions and responsibilities of being in the Sixth Form.  
  • Students must abide by our dress code as shown in this prospectus. If students or parents have concerns about an item of clothing being deemed suitable, please contact the school in advance. If students are not dressed appropriately for our learning environment, they will be offered temporary appropriate clothing where possible. Parents will be contacted should this happen. 
  • Sixth Form students are expected to support staff within the school in ensuring that they are not using their phones in the main school buildings or whilst travelling around the campus. They are able to use their phones during break and lunchtime in the Islington Building only. School protocol will be followed in asking the student to hand over their phone for the remainder of the day should students not adhere to this.