Support & Wellbeing

Care, guidance and support underpins all that we do.

Ensuring that all of our pupils and students receive timely and appropriate support is a key priority of The Castle Rock School. We strongly believe that care, guidance and support is most effective when students receive help early and at a level according to their individual needs. 

All of our students have a Form Tutor. Our team of tutors see your child every morning and have an overview of the whole child. They are supported by our fantastic team of Heads of Year and Pastoral Mentors, these key members of staff are available should you have any pastoral questions. 

These staff work alongside class teachers and non-teaching professionals who are able to identify need and implement early intervention. We have specifically trained staff who support students with anger management, bereavement and loss and low self-esteem, amongst others. To allow us to achieve this, The Castle Rock School has developed a ‘Continuum of Support for Behaviour, Emotional and Educational Wellbeing’ (the Continuum). This document is used together with the Leicestershire County Council thresholds to access services and identifies different types of need and levels of intervention. 

The Continuum identifies four levels of need: 

  • Universal – Students who are achieving expected outcomes and have their needs met within provision without any additional support. 
  • Additional – Students where some concerns are emerging and who will require additional support. 
  • Targeted – Students with additional needs that are growing more complex, meaning that they require targeted and enhanced support. 
  • Specialist – Students with complex and/or acute needs that require specialist instruction. 

Our Wellbeing team are Joanne Wilton, School Counsellor [email protected] and David Perkins Mental Health Lead Professional [email protected]

Within all of our schools there are clear, structured levels of support. We work together with external agencies to provide targeted and specialist support; these include: 

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 
  • Autism Outreach 
  • ADHD Solutions 
  • SENA 
  • The Educational Psychology Service 
  • Children and Family Wellbeing Service 
  • Social Services 
  • North West Leicestershire District Council 
  • The Police 
  • The NHS 

The ParentWise page on the UK Government website has some useful information for direct parents to who are struggling to support or understand their teenager at home.