Options 2024

Welcome to the Options page for Year 9.

Our Options evening for parents/carers and students is Thursday 11th January 2024. If you have not received the letter, there is a link below. The letter includes a link to the ticketsource website where you will need to reserve seats for the appropriate presentation.

Our Options booklet contains all of the information you will need about our curriculum and the subjects that we offer.

The students complete their options using our online portal. There are also step by step instructions on how to complete the online form.

If you are logging onto the options page for the first time, students must access their school email first and follow the link they have been sent. Following this, just click on the link below:


The deadline for the option form to be completed is Friday 26th January. Until this date, the form can be changed as often as you like. At the end of Friday 26th January, the entries will be locked and the process of allocating places to students will begin. Please note that if the deadline is not met, it is likely that your child will not be able to receive their first-choice subjects. Additionally, completing the form early does not guarantee choices as it is not first come first served. It is preferable that students take time and consider their choices before entering their subjects. Once the course has started in September, we will try to accommodate changes until Friday 27th September, class size allowing. As a significant amount of core knowledge is delivered at the start of Year 10, transfers after this date will not be possible.