October 23, 2023


For former student Carrie, life at The Castle Rock School revolved around one thing and one thing only; PE.

PE, and specifically dancing, was Carrie’s life when she was younger. She danced before starting school and then went on to study Dance at both GCSE and A-Level; it was her passion and was something she was keen to turn into a career when she left.

“Dance and PE were definitely my favourite subjects at school,” Carrie explains, “they taught me about inclusivity and diversity because anybody can take part regardless of their background. It also helped me with my confidence.”

Upon completing her A-Levels in 2019, Carrie left The Castle Rock School and moved away from Coalville, eventually helping her mum set up a new business in Lincolnshire.

After a few months supporting the family business, Carrie came to the realisation that she missed dancing and began searching for opportunities.

Initially, she started volunteering for Positive Futures, a local charity who support vulnerable children, often through the medium of sport. They were so impressed with Carrie’s passion and enthusiasm, though, that they invited her to become a permanent addition to their team. It was an opportunity she grasped with both hands.

As an Activity Youth Worker, Carrie runs multiple initiatives and hosts clubs several times a week. Each one unique and each one aimed at supporting vulnerable young people; one day it’s boxing classes, then gymnastics, then athletics, then basketball and then, of course, dancing.

“We work with children from all walks of life,” she explains.

“It ranges from SEND students to deprived families; the children all deserve the chance to be fit and have fun and learn new skills.”

She channels the advice and guidance passed on to her by her PE teachers at Castle Rock, to ensure the children she works with receive appropriate support within a fun and stimulating environment.

“I absolutely adore my job,” she says.

“It fills me with joy working with children who could have had the worst day ever, but who’s mood is dramatically improved through the power of dance.

“If they leave smiling then my day has been completely made!”

It’s safe to say Carrie has landed her dream career, doing something she loves day in, day out.

But, what advice would she give to students who are about to leave school and are pondering what the future holds?

“You might not find the right path straightaway and it might feel like it’s not going to work out.

“Trust the process, talk to people around you and, most importantly, do not stress.

“Things will fall into place sooner or later.”