October 30, 2023

Castle Rock among the first to receive important safety session

Recently, Castle Rock became the first school in North Leicestershire to receive a specialist workshop focusing on online safety.

Before half-term, Breck Foundation – a charity who promote the importance of staying safe on the internet – were welcomed into the school to raise awareness about online grooming.

Breck Foundation were established nine years ago in response to the tragic grooming story of 14-year-old Breck Bednar, who was murdered after meeting up with a stranger he had been speaking to online.

They shared Breck’s story with students in Year 8 and 9 and explained the risks associated with speaking to unknown strangers on social media platforms and when gaming online.

The 240 students were thoroughly engaged in the session and, in the resulting feedback, all of them said they would be more careful when talking to strangers online, especially those they hadn’t met in reality.

“The tone of the session was highly appropriate in driving home the vital message along with the level of respect towards the family members of the young boy who lost his life,” explained Kerry Mace, the school’s Vice Principal.

It is hoped that, following the successful session at Castle Rock, more schools will be inviting the Breck Foundation to come in and educate students on this hugely important topic.