July 23, 2023

Former Castle Rock Sixth Form Student, Ryan Eales, Shines in London's West End 

Castle Rock Sixth Form takes great pride in the success of its alumni, and one shining example of their accomplishments is Ryan Eales. A former student at Newbridge High School and King Edward VII School/College, Ryan has achieved remarkable success in the world of theatre, currently serving as the Deputy Head of Electrics at London's prestigious Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End. 

Ryan's journey began at The Castle Rock Sixth Form, where he nurtured his passion for the arts, particularly Technical Theatre. After completing his education, Ryan continued to pursue his dreams at the renowned Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. His time at Castle Rock Sixth Form and the support he received played a crucial role in shaping his career choices and preparing him for the challenges of the industry. 

As a testament to his commitment to giving back to the community, Ryan is eager to be a guiding voice for aspiring artists in Coalville and its surrounding areas. He recognises the importance of testimonies from former students in influencing educational decisions, and he wants to provide the same inspiration to current Castle Rock students. Ryan aims to open doors for students interested in Technical Theatre by offering workshops, insights into backstage work, and opportunities to experience the inner workings of the theater industry. 

Ryan's success story is not only a source of pride for Castle Rock Sixth Form but also serves as an inspiration to current students. His achievements highlight the diverse paths that students can take, and shows that with determination, passion, and the right support, dreams can turn into reality. 

Castle Rock Sixth Form and Newbridge High School are proud to see Ryan Eales thriving in the world of theater and are delighted to have the opportunity to strengthen ties with such an accomplished alumnus. To learn more about Ryan's remarkable journey, you can read his alumni spotlight and insights into the industry on the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts website. https://www.mountview.org.uk/news/alumni-spotlight-ryan-eales/ 

As Ryan's success continues to soar, Castle Rock Sixth Form is honoured to have played a part in his journey and is excited too see where the future takes him. His story stands as a reminder of the incredible possibilities that lie ahead for Castle Rock students.