January 29, 2024

London Theatre Trip: Students' Day of Drama Delight

In January, we took 45 of our Year 9 students on a thrilling school trip to London where they attended a masterclass workshop and watched a fantastic theatrical show.

With students currently pondering which subjects they would like to study at GCSE level, the trip provided our Year 9s with a taste of the performing arts and gave them a partial insight into what they can expect from our GCSE Drama course.

Upon arriving in the capital, our students waltzed into the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios and enjoyed participating in a professional workshop. They laced up their dancing shoes and had fun creating their own choregraphed dance routine.

After the workshop, it was off to the West End as students took their seats in @sohoplace and were wowed by a stunning performance of ‘The Little Things.’

Based on the Sunday Times best-seller with the same name, the popular and high-acclaimed new musical – which is showing until March – revolves around the life of Henry Fraser who has to come to terms with the repercussions of a driving accident.

The students had an inspired day; they embraced the opportunity, demonstrated exceptional behaviour and were outstanding role models for school.