Dress Code

Students in The Castle Rock Sixth Form are not expected to wear a uniform. As leaders of the school, you have the right to expect greater freedom that younger students. However, with this freedom comes the expectation that you will have the maturity to exercise it responsibly. The Castle Rock dress code is a set of simple guidelines to help you choose what to wear to school. By taking pride in your personal appearance and projecting a professional image, you are providing a strong role model for younger students, and preparing effectively for success in adult life. 

Sixth form students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for a formal business situation. 


  • Shirt with collar and tie 
  • Smart trousers 
  • Smart jacket 
  • Formal shoes 


  • Smart top (no low necklines, bare shoulders, T-shirts or logos) 
  • Smart skirt (near the knee), trousers or dress 
  • Smart, practical shoes (high heels may be worn, but practical consideration must be given to heel height and the geography of our campus) 
  • Fine knit jumper (optional) 
  • Smart jacket